God Of the Small Things

– Janelle Zacharias The heat and humidity rolled over me like a wave when I stepped out of the airport into Bangkok, Thailand. I didn’t realize that the moment I exited the airplane, my neck would be sticky with sweat. I was not prepared. I wasn’t prepared for any of it really. I’d never been to Asia before. Everything was … Read More

My First Adventure

Can I be honest for a second? I want to quit SBS. Not because the work is too much, or I feel overwhelmed (although I do feel that way sometimes). It’s because I’m getting restless. I am restless hearing God’s bleeding heart for the poor, the oppressed, the marginalized in society, and having to sit inside charting for 8 hours … Read More

Change Of Perspective – DTS September 2017/18 – Week 4

– Damaris Barrios How do you see God? Is He a cosmic vending machine who will give you anything you want? Is He a dictator who will take away all your fun? Is He good and gentle, but kind of distant? What do you actually believe about God? Who do you really think He is? This week we learned about … Read More

I Get To… – DTS September 2017/18 – Week 3

– Damaris Barrios There’s always a different perspective that one takes whenever you are dealing with certain life issues. This week during our DTS we joined together with Mission Adventures and my perspective on life and how I view it has changed from being focused on myself to becoming focused on others. Mission Adventures is a week-long program for teens … Read More

Serving the Forgotten – DTS September 2017/18 – Week 2

– Damaris Barrios This week in DTS, we learned about missions and God’s heart for reaching all the nations. It was a very interesting topic to learn about, mostly because I do have a heart for missions and just thinking about how to best express that passion is something that I struggle with. Mark Baxter taught us about people who … Read More

When God Humbles The Proud – DTS Fall 2017/18 – Week 1

– Damaris Barrios This week in Discipleship Training School, Joanna Pallister, taught us about recognizing the voice of God. There were a lot of moments in which it was obvious that God was speaking to us according to the way that he communicates with us. One has stood out among the rest. On Monday, Joanna was trying to light a … Read More

DTS 2016/17 – Outreach Week 6

Outreach Week 6 Last week had a pastoral visit from our senior staff, Flavia and Betty Ann! Every DTS team has a pastoral visit mid-way through outreach. It was refreshing to see faces from “home base” (Vancouver) and also to know that the visit was part of caring and checking to see how the team was doing. For the first … Read More

DTS 2016/17 – Outreach Week 7

Outreach Week 7 We are on outreach Week 7 – our last week in Thailand! The first highlight of this week was seeing God’s wonderful creation on the Andaman Sea. We took a whole-day tour on local motorboats to cruise around islands near Phuket. Out motorboat pilots anchored on the beach of four small islands, and we walked on the … Read More

DTS 2016/17 – Outreach Week 5

Outreach Week 5 Since we arrived her, we have been building relationships with members of the community and congregation but there are a few who lives and faith are making an impact on us! Atchan (Pastor) Jum leads God Our House Methodist Church in Phang Nga. It is the fourth that she has planted yet she still wants to be … Read More

DTS 2016/17 – Outreach Week 4

Outreach Week 4 “From you comes the theme of my praise in the great assembly…” (Psalm 22:25) I am always moved at how praise and worship flows effortlessly from the lips and hearts of our Thai and Burmese brethren in the Lord. Whether it’s at the Dongsawan Church in Isan, or the Burmese Bible study groups in Phang Nga, there … Read More

DTS 2016/17 – Outreach Week 3

Outreach Week 3 On Wednesday, we bid farewell to our friends from Dongsawan and Nonsomboon Churches in Isan. It was bittersweet to leave our “family of the heart” because they have been so good and loving to us, exhibiting the spirit of hospitality that Scripture talks about. I am reminded of the church in Macedonia, a model of generosity in … Read More

DTS 2016/17 – Outreach Week 2

Outreach Week 2 This week has been physically hard on the team, and six of us got the stomach flu one after the other. Those who were well took turns as caregivers, but when those too got sick, the well members courageously took the teaching, house visitations, and work duties. God’s grace has sustained us physically and emotionally especially since … Read More

DTS 2016/17 – Outreach Week 1

Outreach Week 1 Our team has landed! We arrived in Bangkok just before midnight on January 1st of 2017. We greeted each other on the plane and knew in our hearts that we were in for exciting and faith-filled ride of new experiences – for sure! After breakfast and some rest we had devotions and worship time on the building … Read More

DTS 2016/17 – Week 13

Week 13: Destiny – Joseph Watson We are so excited with out last week of lecture, because it means that Christmas break is around the corner and so is outreach! We leave for Bangkok, Thailand on December 30 and start outreach the moment we board our plane. Some of have already made trips to thrift stores for outreach clothes, and … Read More

DTS 2016/17 – Week 12

Week 12: Evangelism – Mike Oates We kicked off our first day by remembering our moment/s of personal encounters with God. We have a tendency to compare our stories to others as not dramatic enough but were told: “Don’t despise your story, because God is pleased with the moment you gave your life to Jesus!” It is the Holy Spirit … Read More

2016/17 DTS – Week 11

Week 11: The Cross (Repentance) – Paul Martinson How much time has flown! We just finished our 11th week, and have under three weeks until outreach. The DTS and Hockey teams are leaving for the respective outreaches towards the end of December – DTS to Thailand, and DTS Hockey to East Asia/Russia. After dinner and games, the staff prayed for … Read More

2016/17 DTS – Week 10

Week 10: Discipleship – Randy Parizeau This week we learned that discipleship is “The active art of intentionally implementing the teachings of Jesus in one’s daily life, which will be evident to others you come into contact with.” We also learned what it is NOT. Is not a program (DTS or YWAM), rules, class, seminar, degree, and accidental, modeling after … Read More