DTS 2016/17 – Outreach Week 7

Outreach Week 7 We are on outreach Week 7 – our last week in Thailand! The first highlight of this week was seeing God’s wonderful creation on the Andaman Sea. We took a whole-day tour on local motorboats to cruise around islands near Phuket. Out motorboat pilots anchored on the beach of four small islands, and we walked on the … Read More

DTS 2016/17 – Outreach Week 5

Outreach Week 5 Since we arrived her, we have been building relationships with members of the community and congregation but there are a few who lives and faith are making an impact on us! Atchan (Pastor) Jum leads God Our House Methodist Church in Phang Nga. It is the fourth that she has planted yet she still wants to be … Read More

DTS 2016/17 – Outreach Week 4

Outreach Week 4 “From you comes the theme of my praise in the great assembly…” (Psalm 22:25) I am always moved at how praise and worship flows effortlessly from the lips and hearts of our Thai and Burmese brethren in the Lord. Whether it’s at the Dongsawan Church in Isan, or the Burmese Bible study groups in Phang Nga, there … Read More

DTS 2016/17 – Outreach Week 3

Outreach Week 3 On Wednesday, we bid farewell to our friends from Dongsawan and Nonsomboon Churches in Isan. It was bittersweet to leave our “family of the heart” because they have been so good and loving to us, exhibiting the spirit of hospitality that Scripture talks about. I am reminded of the church in Macedonia, a model of generosity in … Read More

DTS 2016/17 – Outreach Week 2

Outreach Week 2 This week has been physically hard on the team, and six of us got the stomach flu one after the other. Those who were well took turns as caregivers, but when those too got sick, the well members courageously took the teaching, house visitations, and work duties. God’s grace has sustained us physically and emotionally especially since … Read More

DTS 2016/17 – Outreach Week 1

Outreach Week 1 Our team has landed! We arrived in Bangkok just before midnight on January 1st of 2017. We greeted each other on the plane and knew in our hearts that we were in for exciting and faith-filled ride of new experiences – for sure! After breakfast and some rest we had devotions and worship time on the building … Read More

DTS 2016/17 – Week 13

Week 13: Destiny – Joseph Watson We are so excited with out last week of lecture, because it means that Christmas break is around the corner and so is outreach! We leave for Bangkok, Thailand on December 30 and start outreach the moment we board our plane. Some of have already made trips to thrift stores for outreach clothes, and … Read More

DTS 2016/17 – Week 12

Week 12: Evangelism – Mike Oates We kicked off our first day by remembering our moment/s of personal encounters with God. We have a tendency to compare our stories to others as not dramatic enough but were told: “Don’t despise your story, because God is pleased with the moment you gave your life to Jesus!” It is the Holy Spirit … Read More

2016/17 DTS – Week 11

Week 11: The Cross (Repentance) – Paul Martinson How much time has flown! We just finished our 11th week, and have under three weeks until outreach. The DTS and Hockey teams are leaving for the respective outreaches towards the end of December – DTS to Thailand, and DTS Hockey to East Asia/Russia. After dinner and games, the staff prayed for … Read More

2016/17 DTS – Week 10

Week 10: Discipleship – Randy Parizeau This week we learned that discipleship is “The active art of intentionally implementing the teachings of Jesus in one’s daily life, which will be evident to others you come into contact with.” We also learned what it is NOT. Is not a program (DTS or YWAM), rules, class, seminar, degree, and accidental, modeling after … Read More

2016/17 DTS – Week 9

Week 9: Relationships – Chuck and Bobbie Hamm Kumusta ka?! These Filipino greeting came out of our speakers’ mouths, much to my shock and delight! For this week’s topic on relationships, we had Chuck and Bobbie Hamm who served with YWAM Baguio City, Philippines for 17 years and then relocated to Vietnam afterwards. After serving 20 years abroad they are … Read More

2016/17 DTS – Week 8

Week 8: Father Heart of God – René Laframboise René Laframboise, our speaker this week, is father/grandfather figure to the YWAM Vancouver family. He is known for his care and interest in the well-being of students, and still remembers the students he has ministered to. Weeks prior to our lecture he prayed for each student – what a huge blessing … Read More

2016/17 DTS – Week 6

Week 6 – Spiritual Warfare For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. (Ephesians 6:12 NIV) When we think of modern warfare we might immediately think of weapons like the M240 machine gun, that can take out … Read More

DTS 2016/17 – Week 5

Week 5 – Character and Nature of God How can we know and rest on the nature and character of God? We were asked this seemingly simple question on the first day of class. With the help of Scripture we listed down God’s nature – what He is that we cannot be: creator, omnipotent (all-powerful), omnipresent (everywhere at all times), … Read More

2016/17 DTS Week 4

Week 4 – Missions This week started off with a story of a valiant warrior named Benaiah, who chased a lion into a pit on a snowy day and killed it (Samuel 23:20). We laughed nervously. We could chase a chicken or a cat…but a lion? Our speaker Mark Baxter* has ministered in over 90 nations. He has actually seen … Read More

2016/17 DTS – Week 2/3

Welcome to weeks 2 and 3 of our DTS! At the beginning of  week 2, our teammate Holly got homesick and really, really wanted ice cream. Since most DTS students are on a budget, ice cream was a luxury that she couldn’t afford. Another teammate prayed, “Dear God, you hear Holly’s longing for ice cream. She is your daughter and … Read More

2016/2017 DTS – Week 1

Week 1 – Orientation What’s your name? Where are you from and why did you choose YWAM DTS Vancouver? These were the most asked questions on our first week at DTS Fall 2016. Our class has 11 students (two are married to each other) from Germany, Sweden, Canada, USA, and the Philippines. We were so excited to hear each other’s … Read More