Fall DTS 2015-2016 – Week 1

Welcome to week one of DTS!!


I think I speak for everyone when I say that it’s been awesome so far here with YWAM Vancouver. It’s been interesting getting used to sharing a house with 15 other people (and only 2 bathrooms) but I think everyone’s getting settled in. We even got to finally meet our final housemate and fellow student Marlena! So a special welcome to her and and a happy birthday to Dieterjan as well!

We had a lot of fun getting to know each other and easing into our new schedules at the YWAM center. The week started off pretty simple with just hanging out at the school, taking selfies, and getting registration and paperwork out of the way. The rest of the week we actually had some lectures. Tuesday was pretty tiring, at least for me since I haven’t been to school for a few years, and the international students are pretty jet lagged so I have nothing to complain about. It was nice to be in a school setting again though. We got orientation done, which basically means Betty-Ann (one of our school leaders) telling us how things are going to run, and asking questions followed by silence on the students end. I have to say though, Betty Ann has some amazing magic skills. I recommend finding a video of it on YouTube.


The rest of the week got a little more intense as the staff took turns every morning teaching us skills that would help us deal with the weeks to come. From having quiet time with God to worshipping Him, they were all great to listen to and had a lot of information to give. In the afternoon, we watched videos and did some fun activities. The two videos we watched were “Walking Barefoot” by Loren Cunningham and “The Roots and Fruits of Pride” by Floyd McClung. Both of them can be found on YouTube and are really interesting to listen to. They both have really great stories to tell about God working in their lives.

12109812_10207822286497118_5996934053089905499_oOur fun activity this week was a scavenger hunt downtown that got us out of our comfort zones, some of us more than others. Sometimes we had to rely on trusting strangers with directions or taking our pictures, and other times we had to dance or recite poetry in public. That was a fun day.

On a deeper level, a couple of the evenings in the middle of the week were reserved for sharing our testimonies with each other so that we could get to know each other a little better. Personally, that was the highlight of my week because as hard as it can be for us to share our past with people we hardly know, I think it’s an important step in getting ready for the change that’s waiting for us in the next three months and it really helps us understand each other better. It’s also really interesting for me to see/think about how people are going to change and grow in Christ. I can’t wait!DSC_1057

I’m sure these next 11 weeks will make a lot of us question ourselves and challenge who we are as people, but I know we will make it through and come out as better, stronger people.

“The storms of our life prove the strength of our Anchor.”

P.S. Betty-Ann is nice.


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