DTS 2015/2016 – Week 5

***More Photos at the end!!!***

I think I speak for all of us when I say time here is flying! I can’t believe we’re already through week 5… It’s been a lot of fun so far, even with all the emotion and soul searching going on.IMG_9430

This week our speaker was Justyn Rees. He’s a lovely older gentleman from the island of her Majesty the Queen. England. He was teaching us about evangelism, and I use the term teaching loosely. Justyn uses the method of storytelling to teach, and he makes old bible stories that I’ve heard a hundred times growing up sound like something new and exciting while still getting his point across. And the point he got across was pretty simple: following Jesus is a relationship and evangelism is just about introducing people to IMG_9474Jesus. I can get on board with that. He also changed our perspective on the Lord’s last supper, making it not so  formal. The table is the friendliest place on earth after all, isn’t it? Justyn just has a great way of changing how you see God and life in general. It’s awesome.

This week wasn’t all pleasantness and comfort though. Some of what Justyn said really ended up challenging a lot of us here on how we view prayer and God. We actually ended up missing our intercession session try his week since we had a big discussion about all that. It was hard but I think that these questions have the potential to make our faith stronger, as long as we can make it through this and rely on God.IMG_9765

Outside of school this week was pretty tame and uneventful. Everyone seems to be feeling the stress of school catching up to them. We seem to be taking a lot more naps now! However, we did go to a couple of the leaders house last Thursday for some games and hanging out. Ben and Kathryn have a nice little basement suite not too far from the YWAM base and I got to learn a new card game called “Wizard” which is one of the most stressful, slow paced game of cards I’ve played! I recommend giving it a try. Also this Saturday we all had a chance to either go to Metrotown, which is a big mall here, or to tag along with mission adventures on their urban plunge this weekend. I IMG_9892personally wanted to go to the urban plunge and get to know the homeless but I was on food duty this weekend so I didn’t have the luxury of time for that. I’m happy I went to the mall though. It was good to have a relaxing day this week just having fun with everyone. I got some good food too! Other than all that we’ve just been watching a lot of movies at the house at night, so that’s pretty cool.IMG_9612

I don’t really have much to say this week or any specific prayer requests that have come up but I’d like to just ask that you keep us in your prayers in general. I hope everyone has a good week and I’m looking forward to hearing our new speaker next week!

“Our problems are never a strain on God’s provision”