DTS 2015/2016 – Week 6

I think it’s safe to say that this week has been one of the best so far here. We had an amazing speaker, had some fun times hanging out and relaxing outside of lecture, and just got to learn more about ourselves.

Our guest speaker was the awesome René Laframboise, who’s topic was “Father Heart of God”. Which was actually kind of perfect this week because it answered a lot of questions that were brought up last week about why there is suffering in the world and does prayer really work. Both incredibly important questions for any disciple of Christ to ask. I’m glad to say we got some good information so that we could answer those questions for ourselves and get closer to our heavenly Father, as well as get to know ourselves more, which is kind of a huge reason why we’re all here in the first place. Or at least that’s a reason I have for being here personally. René also helped with that a bit as well. He talked about some revealing behaviours we may have that show some of our insecurities, and where they might come from. He didn’t just leave us out in the cold with our issues though, he gave us some tools to deal with them and to work on getting rid of them. I can say for myself that I knew I had a lot of issues, but now I know I have a lot more! That might sound bad to most people, but I prefer to look at it as how am I supposed to deal with something that I’m not even aware exists? So this week’s lecture was difficult at times, but I’m thankful for it in the long run.

Outside of all that, we had some fun moments this week too. On Thursdaysome of us went skating again since we didn’t get enough of it last time, and while it may have been a lot busier the second time it was interesting because a lot of people were wearing costumes! I don’t know what the occasion was but I’m happy I was there to witness it. Friday night was a nice time of worship and hanging out at the house. We played some music and some games together, some at the main house and some at Betty Ann’s place. But no matter where we were it was definitely a good time. Our big outing on Saturday this week was going swimming! I was really excited about this because I love to swim, but was sad that almost nobody signed up for it initially. By the time we left to go swimming though most people had decided to tag along and it was a lot of fun. There was even an inflatable obstacle course that Jaron and I raced each other on! I would have won but a kid got in my way…. I’m also really out of shape! Then this Sunday was a nice time to relax for everyone. We got caught up on a lot of sleep and watched a few movies, now we’re all rested up for the next amazing week of lectures.

I want to ask everyone to keep Paris in their thoughts and prayers. It makes me really sad and angry to hear that things like this are going on in our world, but I believe that God can bring an end to it. So pray for Paris as well as all of us here as we do some soul searching. We’re halfway there!

Psalm 120:1
“I call on the LORD in my distress, and he answers me.”