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What Is It?

A Discipleship Training School (DTS) is a training program provided by Youth With A Mission (YWAM). The purpose of the YWAM DTS is to help you get to know God, and equip you to make him known. DTS is the entryway into further involvement with YWAM, qualifying you for hundreds of volunteer staff opportunities.

The first part, a lecture phase, is 13 weeks in Vancouver, learning from amazing men and women of God as they share and teach from the Bible, as well as their own experiences, and invite you to experience God in practical and personal ways.

The second part, the outreach phase, is 8-12 weeks on a cross cultural field assignment. The field assignment provides an opportunity to take the gospel to the nations, living out and practically giving away what you have learned. You get to see the transforming power of God's love in the lives of many others around the world.

What To Expect?

DTS is intense -  it's living in community, discovering God in new ways, doing things you have never done before (such as leaving the safety and comfort of home), all in order to come face to face with the needs of a desperate world.

Your worldview will be challenged as you grow closer to God and dig deeper into the Bible, which will allow you to serve others and share the Gospel globally and locally more effectively.

You will get to experience all these wonderful parts of DTS in the beautiful city of Vancouver. The mountains will remind you of God's glory, and the expression of many nations represented here in Vancouver will keep you excited about reaching the world.

You should expect that your life will change as you experience encounters with God that will affect the rest of your life. You can expect adventures that will make you laugh, cry, and grow deeper in your relationship with God. You and your housemates/classmates will start out as strangers, but leave as lifelong friends.

Meet The Leaders

Betty Ann Cyr - DTS Leader

As a francophone hailing from the Maritimes of Canada, Betty Ann will lead your school with a compassionate heart and spunky attitude. She's an incredible snowboarder, and an experienced leader who is lively and passionate.


Flavia Ziller - DTS Leader

Our Brazilian friend comes across as quiet when you first meet her, but don't be fooled, Flavia is full of surprises. She loves the mountains, chihuahuas in sunglasses, and a good cup of coffee. She's a strong leader who's full of wisdom, humility, and gentleness.


Basic Information

School Dates

September DTS:

- September 25th, 2018 to February 28th, 2019 -

April DTS:

- April 3, 2019 to Aug 31, 2019 -


Lecture Phase:

- $4500CAD -

Field Assignment:

- Up to $5000CAD -

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