My First Adventure

Janelle standing on a mountain top in thailand with her Travel pack

My First Adventure

- Janelle Zacharias

Six years ago I set foot in a church building not knowing the journey I was about to experience. I didn’t plan this; I didn’t know God was with me. I came because I wanted to travel. Who doesn’t? Who doesn’t want to go on adventures, see the world, meet new people, do something “good" with their lives?

My intentions were to have an adventure traveling, but God had bigger plans.

I was starting my Discipleship Training School in the basement of this old church, in a sunday school room with rainbows on the wall.

The first week of this school hit me like a rock; the first day of teaching actually. Our teacher was this outgoing, rambunctious, fiery woman who threw out phrases like, “hearing God’s voice", “getting pictures from the Lord", “intercession"; all the while in my head I was thinking, “What is this woman smoking?”

But then she did something simple, yet profound.

We all stood in a circle, seventeen of us, strangers, who were thrown into a house together, sharing rooms, bathrooms, and everything in between. We all stood there with our eyes tightly shut, silently waiting...waiting for God to speak, or someone to speak, or something to happen. Then someone said something, “I think God said this.” Then another voice piped up, “Yeah, I think so too!” Soon the whole room was filled with excitement, voices, and people questioning, “Did God just speak to us?”

I just stood absolute and complete shock.

How exciting! How thrilling! If God can speak to us in this room, surely this God can speak to me personally about so much more.

That was the beginning of this beautiful, frustrating, and wondrous relationship with the Lord. Now my whole existence and desire is to hear from God, not only to hear, but to carry out the words He has spoken to me, and proclaim the good news of Christ to the nations.

Have you been desiring an adventure with God? Have you ever wondered what it’s like to hear God personally speak to you? DTS is a great place to start!

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