Fall DTS 2015/16 Outreach Week 7-8


Wow! We reached Mae Sot and we’ve already been here for almost two weeks!! It’s so surreal to think that our journey here in Thailand is almost over! Mae Sot has been absolutely wonderful so far. We’re staying above Famous Ray’s burger restaurant and Famous Ray’s bicycle shop. We all have bikes that we use as transportation for all around the city. It’s been a nice change to the beds of pickup trucks we’ve come accustomed to.

God has been so good to us here. We’re working with a ministry called The Outpour Movement and they’re going through a major transition. They’re relocating the bike shop and restaurant, and they’re also starting a new program for arts and skill training called SEEDS. And that’s just what they’ve been doing over the last couple of years, planting seeds here in Mae Sot.

God’s timing is so great. Those seeds have just been watered and they’re ready to pop up and sprout and spread all over the land. We’re seeing the fruits of the labor. Of course, we get no credit. But it’s an honor to be a part of and watch God’s process in reclaiming Mae Sot.

I’m sorry for another two week combined update, it’s been an intense two weeks. We’re reaching the most difficult parts of our outreach. We’ve done a lot of worship and declaring and proclaiming God over the new Outpour property. We’ve worked with Burmese refugees at a children’s home called New Jerusalem and another one called the Refuge that works with older refugees and street youth. It’s been such a blessing to teach them. We go there for church as well, and let me tell you, they’ve taught me more about what it means to worship and love God than if I could teach them perfect English. The way they worship the Lord is with such innocence and purity. It’s truly beautiful to listen to them lift their voices as loud as they can to the Father they’ve come to know and love. That experience alone, has made this entire outreach worth it to the team.

We’ve taken a few prayer walks around the Muslim community here in Mae Sot too. It’s been an interesting change to the types of people we’ve been praying for here in Thailand. It was interesting to see the shift in communities and how different one block can be from the one right beside it.

We took a morning last week to go to a place along the Thai and Burmese border. It’s a space of land known as “No Man’s Land.” It’s called that because it belongs neither to Thailand nor to Burma. It used to be the river that sorta connected the two, but because a bunch of the river has dried up over the years, it has segments of land that now neither country owns. And because this land doesn’t belong to anyone, there is no government, there are no laws. It’s a place where drugs, human trafficking and the sex industry are very prominent. Both governments seem to turn a blind eye, because whether it’s good or not, it brings in a large income for both countries. We did a prayer walk around “No Man’s Land” and some of the team will go in there tomorrow to do some ministry. Prayers would be greatly appreciated.

We are going on a day trip this Wednesday into Burma to different villages, including a leper village. I can’t wait to share the good news that Jesus is like we’ve been able to do these last couple of weeks. It’s really such a blessing to be able to come alongside this ministry. They do a wonderful job of portraying Jesus’ love to the people of Mae Sot. I can’t wait to spend the next two weeks here and just dive into the other types of ministry they do! Thanks for all of the prayers!

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