Spring DTS 2015 Week 10

We started off our week by traveling down to Yosemite National Park. We spent our time there just practicing the art of silent worship because too many times in our walk we forget to just stop and listen. We all briefly separated and gave our undivided attention to God. We had great time of worship, it was a great way to start our week of ministry.

The next day we returned to the 9th street cafe to continue connect with the amazing people who live in that area. Later that evening we led a youth program at the church that is hosting us. I taught on Luke 15:1-7 (The Parable of the lost sheep.) The Lord highlighted to me that He is a God who will leave 99 sheep to go after one who has lost his way. It was so amazing to be able to share that revelation with such amazing students.

The next morning we partnered with Vine House ministry again. We were able to bless them by serving and using our talents to provide maintenance to their property. Later that evening we were invited a church called The Well. There we showed a film made by YWAMers and had a chance to share testimonies from our experience so far. We had a young boy at the end, that had seemed distant during the whole program, who was eager and full of questions. That was both amazing and encouraging. Another teammate had the privilege of praying with another student from that night. It was humbling to see how God was moving.

The next morning we headed out and painted over tagging in areas where there was high gang activity. The people in those communities were grateful because they can’t cover up the vandalism because they have to live in these areas. But if outsiders come in and are able to do this deed, it is a blessing to these community. The ministry that we partnered with is called Advancing Vibrant Communities, and they took great precaution before taking us out. We were able to cover all areas on the list, which is rare. We had a blast, and shortly after we participated in a bible study.

The next day we returned to south 9th street and loved on our friends. Also that night we participated in a community prayer meeting. It was amazing and it was so clear that the Holy Spirit was moving.

This morning we went out and picked up trash and this evening we will return to south 9th street to hang out with and serve our friends. It’s a blessing to be apart of what God is doing here, thank you to all who have supported us. God bless you.

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