Spring DTS 2015 Week 6

We started off our week by attending an international church here, called Victory Church! It was a great start to our week because God had put a special message on the pastor’s heart. He preached about dreams. He used the well known story of Joseph as an example. He passionately preached about the importance of dreaming and co creating with God. That was a great experience for my teammates and I. We really got to think about what our dreams are and pray those thing out to God. We also got the chance to pray for the mother’s in the church, in honor of Mother’s Day coming up here in Thailand. Later that evening our team was invited to attend the 5th birthday party of one of the children from the church. All of these things made a great start to our sixth week serving here!

As the week went on we have continued participating in cool ministry opportunities. We went on a prayer walk through an area here called Nongkae. We prayed that God will give them dreams, dreams so big that they can only be accomplished through Him. We also prayed that God will let it rain here as a prophetic act of His Holy Spirit falling among these people. Since then it has rained everyday this week! After our great time of intercession, we returned to the Youth Center that we served at last week. We continued our english lessons and building relationships with the children. The children are so intelligent and it’s a blast helping them to learn english. We play games, activities, and learn grammar. It is awesome to know that even though we never mention the name of Jesus, He is using us to open their hearts to make a way for Him.

August 12th is Mother’s Day in Thailand and we spent the morning partnering in prayer with a ministry called the Contrast House. A ministry designed to provide rest to followers of Christ whenever they need to be alone with God. The Contrast House also focuses on the arts and incorporating them into ministry. Which is something that’s not widely accepted or done here in Asia. So please join us in prayer that God will bless this ministry with more staff, finances, and that it will bring Him glory. Later that evening we wrapped up our day by attended a bible study where we read from the book of Philemon.

We continued interceding over the city and teaching english throughout the week. God is doing amazing things here in Thailand and we’re grateful to be here spending our loving on the Thai people.

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