Spring DTS 2015 – Update Week 1

DTS has started!


On a cloudy Vancouver Thursday DTS started with a bang. First Michiel arrived from Belgium (by way of some relatives in Canada), then Adriana arrived from Toronto. Next Quantavius, who we call Q like he’s from James Bond or Star Trek, and John arrived from the United States, my own home country. After everyone got signed in and situated at the house where they’ll be living for the next three months, we started orientation. After getting some business out of the way we headed over to Randy’s house, one of the leaders of YWAM Vancouver. There we met some of the base staff that will be helping the DTS for the next few months. Also Randy spoke some on the history of YWAM Vancouver and Jeremy Dorrough spoke some about the Rise Campaign. And together they spoke about how YWAM Vancouver and the Rise Campaign have merged together to run this school.

Friday we had some more orientation in the morning, and then we went on a tour of the city! Heidi led us to Granville Island, Queen Elizabeth park, Stanley park, Canada Place and some other places as well. Then on Saturday we split into two teams for a scavenger hunt! The Savage Scavengers! and Team 2… The amazing Savage Scavengers hunted all around the neighboorhood for exciting and creative places to take pictures to answer the clues. And I guess Team 2 was pretty awesome too. (You can probably guess what team I was on). We all enjoyed the scavenger hunt and the city tour, for a lot of us it was our highlight of the week.


On Monday morning we started our first week of lecture! The lovely Tanya Lyons taught us about the Nature and Character of God. We learned that nature is the stuff that you got and character is what you do with the stuff that you got. A human example of nature would be I am 5’4” and I have blue eyes. Nothing I do can change that. It’s how I was born. Now yes I can wear colored contacts, but they will always be blue when I take them out. An example of Nathan’s nature is he’s tall. Nathan’s character is he doesn’t use his height to bully people, he uses his height to help people by getting things off of the top shelf. So, nature is neutral, neither good or bad. Character is good or bad. We can’t change our nature. It just is. But we can change our character. And our character can be like God’s character. Our nature can’t be like God’s nature, but our character can be like God’s character.


Now what is God’s nature? The most important thing is God is Triune. God has never been alone. He’s always lived in relationship. That’s really exciting because it means that He doesn’t have to learn how to be in relationship. He doesn’t have to learn how to love. He always has. So I may have a learning curve to learn how to have a relationship with Him, but He doesn’t have a learning curve. He’ll pick up the slack. Some other things we learned are that God is eternal and uncreated. He is all knowing. He is everywhere. And He is all powerful.

What about His character? The first thing about His character that Tanya taught us is that everything God does is motivated by love. Out of that love, he is righteous, merciful, truthful, wise, and faithful. He’s many other things as well, but that’s all we had time to focus on.

Next week our own Jen Dorrough will be teaching on Recognizing the God’s Voice! I can’t wait!

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