Spring DTS 2015 – Week 3

What a crazy full week!


We just finished week 3. We had two speakers this week, Jason Kelly taught on “Prayer and Intercession”. Jacqui Bishop taught on “Spiritual Warfare”. I told you it was a full week! But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t awesome, it was amazing. A bit like drinking from a fire hose, but the tons of content we learned was incredible. We wish that both Jacqui and Jason had had a full week each to teach us.

Jason started off on Monday morning. I was so impressed with his teaching. I have so many good notes. He broke up his teaching into the many different facets of prayer. We learned about praying scripture, biblical meditation, fasting, praying in tongues, corporate prayer, hearing God’s voice, and how to develop our own personal prayer life. I wish there was a good way to sum up the depth of what he taught. One of the things he challenged us with is the passage in Isaiah 56:7 and Matthew 21:13 where God and then Jesus says “My house shall be called a house of prayer.” Here God is referring to His temple. But after the death and resurrection of Christ, aren’t we His temple now? Yes, we are. I am. But am I a house of prayer? We learned that prayer is the fuel of missions. YWAM’s mission statement is Know God and Make God Known. We can’t make God known without knowing him. It’s really hard to introduce a guy if you don’t know him. Trust me, I’ve tried.


After an amazing Monday and Tuesday with Jason, Jacqui taught us on Wednesday and Thursday. One of the many things she did that I really respected was she didn’t just pop in on Wednesday with no idea of what had gone before. Even though she had no obligation to be there, she sat in class with us and Jason on Monday and Tuesday so that she could be better prepared to teach us and so that she’d know what had come before her. I think that was a huge part of why the two halves of the week fit so well together.


Jacqui taught on Spiritual Warfare. I’ve heard teaching on this subject before, and usually it’s “Spiritual Warfare is about living a disciplined life” and all about the lifestyle, not so much about what you do in a crazy circumstance during outreach. Or, it’s “the devil is big and scary!” and not enough about God. Jacqui did a phenomenal job of finding the balance in her teaching between being awe of God, but aware of the enemy. One of the first things we talked about can be summed up in a quote from Jacqui’s own DTS, “It takes more than religious training to stand against the enemy. It takes character.” DTS_2015_WK3_12Small things matter big time. Choosing to be grateful. Choosing to buy fair trade when you can. Choosing to be patient. Choosing to pray. Small things matter big. Another thing we learned from Jacqui can be summed up in a quote from her husband, Stuart, “The strategies of the enemy are like cheap shots from a sore loser.” And we learned what are some things you can always recognize as the enemy. And finally, we talked about how to get your guard up. Be discerning, recognize the enemy where he is but don’t give him too much credit. Memorize the Bible. Worship. Pray. Walk in the opposite spirit (ywam-ese for if a guy slaps you on the cheek, let him slap the other. If he steals your jacket, give him your shirt as well. The original vibe is angry and mean, but you chose to be patient and loving). And of course, put on the full armor of God.

We did lots more in our week. We learned about fitness and working out from Nathan during mini-tracks. We went down to Lynden, Washington, to work in a kids Wednesday night church program. We did a study on Nehemiah 4. We did personality tests to help us learn how to work together more effectively. We even watched Lord of the Rings together! Our weeks are so full. Too full to summarize in a blog post. I guess if you want a more full picture, you’ll have to fill out an application and come do a DTS yourself!


We’re a quarter of the way through lecture! Next week, Journey Canada, a discipleship ministry in the area, is going to be teaching on Relational Wholeness. Thanks for praying!

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