SOMLD 2016 – Week 2

SOMLD Week 2SOMLD Week 2SOMLD Week 2SOMLD Week 2SOMLD Week 2SOMLD Week 2SOMLD Week 2

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This was a good and challenging week. Julie Simeon did a fabulous job teaching a topic none of us really enjoy talking or thinking about – the joys of fundraising! (Thanks, Julie!) 

We talked about the challenges of a lifestyle of living off support. We realized we don’t like to verbalize our need and would prefer to pray all the money we need would magically appear. However, during the week we realized it’s important to step out and speak out–otherwise no one will know what we need. Julie used the picture of a tree to explain how our relationships with supporters are like good, deep roots, anchoring us as we serve. Then, together with them, we can rejoice over the fruit that comes as we pray, partner and work together. We began by looking at what the Bible had to say on the topic. We saw how God provided for many people who were serving Him- the Old Testament priests and prophets, Jesus and his disciples, as well at missionaries in the book of Acts. We saw how people would open up their houses and offer food, even if they don’t have much for themselves. We were inspired by the way people gave so much to others.

Another practical aspect to this topic is budgeting; knowing how to use money and where it should go. Think about what Jesus says in Luke 16:10, “One who is faithful in a very little is also faithful in much, and one who is dishonest in a very little is also dishonest in much.” We want to be faithful with what God gives us.

Over the course of the SOMLD we will be learning and trying out ways to communicate with our support teams. After all, it’s something we will be doing for as long as we are in ministry.

This was the first full week with our regular schedule. We are getting into the swing of thing as we go through spiritual practices, class, assignments, worship, and intercession. As students we get to learn how to lead in intercession by doing it and seeing different ways it can be done.

On Friday afternoon we met in growth groups, that’s when 3 or 4 SOMLD and DTS students gather to hear how everyone’s week is going, what we have been learning, and what we are being challenged in. We encourage one another and pray for each other. It is a great way to form friendships and be there for others.

The weekend was a great time to go explore different areas of the city. Some of us took it easy, relaxing and doing homework. We also enjoyed having pancakes and waffles together after church.

We are looking forward to the next week of learning and growing as leaders.

For the SOMLD,