Spring DTS 2016 – Outreach Week 6

Week six came and went quicker than other weeks. As I write this, I can’t believe we only have less than 10 days left here. Boy, does time fly…   On Monday we spent time praying and asking God what we should do for our morning session. This is sometimes a little scary as we rely completely on God to speak to us, but like every other occasion, it’s always quite exciting and full of surprises. During this time a few of us headed to a river in the centre of Siem Reap, where we had gone last week to evangelize. To our surprise, some of the same people were there again which was really awesome to be able to continue conversations. Others went to the famous Pub Street and while there a team from YWAM Perth in Australia, spotted our YWAM t-shirts. They prayed for Risa and Amy, which was super encouraging for them to be reminded that we are not alone in God’s mission.   On Tuesday, we returned to the Christian village we had visited a couple weeks ago to build the water filters they had ordered. Again, it was such a great day spending time with these people. Some of the teenage girls wrote our names in Khmer on our arms, and we then wrote their names in English. Before we left we prayed for this community, particularly for their pastor, a woman who is terminally ill and for the continual growth of the Church in Cambodia. Our prayer is to see more villages like this!   We attended the English School community night again on Wednesday which our team helped lead. Danielle shared a testimony and I preached on how there is nothing we can “do” to get into heaven, except to simply let God love us. Nothing can be gained or taken away. All God wants from us is relationship with him.    Thursday and Friday were our last village days for outreach, which was bittersweet for our team. Although these days are long and quite exhausting, they can sometimes be the most memorable as we get to spend so much time building relationship with the people. During these days some of us helped build water filters, while others taught english classes to the children. On Thursday afternoon we went to West Baray Lake, the largest man made lake, to go swimming. Fully clothed, we all dived in and embraced the warm water, which felt cool compared to the outside temperature. We finished the day lying in hammocks which cover the shore, and some of us even enjoyed a snack of crickets!   Other highlights in the villages included getting 35c watermelons from the side of the road, trying ice-cream with condescended milk in a baguette from a vendor, visiting different houses for what was originally 5 minutes, which then turned into an hour long conversation and prayer with a Buddhist family, giving a bible away to a young girl who wanted to learn English, and so much more… Overall it was such an honour to serve at the villages. I think I can speak for all of us when I say it touched our hearts more than we thought possible. The people blessed us more than we could ever bless them.   On Friday night, we thanked our incredible YWAM Siem Reap leader, Yang, by blindfolding and surprising him with dinner at Burger King. This was a lot of fun as we had heard Yang was a bit of a fan of burgers and french fries. But to be honest, we were all craving western food, so it definitely fulfilled all of our cravings!   Over the weekend we did our usual Sabbath, which involved resting by the pool and in coffee shops. Some of us went to the gym on Saturday morning for $1, which was definitely an experience as the concept of “sweat” earned a whole new meaning! For church on Sunday we returned to a village ministry of YWAM Siem Reap where we shared testimonies, sang songs and performed our drama.    With only one more work week left, our time in Cambodia is coming to an end. Please keep praying as we anticipate our departure.     Georgie

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