Depending On God

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Depending On God

- Janelle Zacharias

Most people wouldn’t think that you would have to choose to depend on God but rather you are just forced into situations where you had to depend on him.

That wasn’t my experience.

I had to choose to depend on God. And learn to do it.

The easy choice in my life would have been to stay in my hometown. Go to college. Get a career. Work towards goals that would eventually pay for a luxurious lifestyle. The easy choice would have been to stay close to my family. Watch my nieces and nephews grow up. Be there when my siblings got engaged, or stay present during my sister’s pregnancies. Be there for my parents, be there when the province was on fire and my parents were alone during the horrific experience. The easy choice would have been to stay.

But God didn’t ask me to stay. God didn’t want me to stay. God knew I needed a change of environment, a change of direction. God knew I needed to find him again and find my way back to his arms. He knew the way for me to do that was by going to YWAM and doing a Discipleship Training School. In DTS, my only focus would be to fall back in love with God. I learned to depend on Him, to go on adventures with Him, to place Him back on the throne instead of trying to take care of myself.

I found myself at a crossroads. I'd graduated high school and had big decisions staring me down. Option one was to stay in the familiar, the comfortable. Go to college. Have a normal life with a white picket fence and 2.5 kids. Option two was to walk away from normal, risk with God, and see what He had planned for my life.

Where are you at in life? Are you also at a crossroads, a place where you need to make a decision?

Choosing to depend on God was the best decision I ever made. I'm so glad I chose DTS, chose to trust God with my life. I walked away a different person, a person who depended on God and put Him above everything else.

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