DTS 2015/2016 – Week 4

Happy Halloween everybody! Hope you all had a great time on Saturdayand got a lot of candy, I know we did! Just another great week here at YWAM Vancouver.

DSC_1504Our special guest this week was one, Mark Baxter, speaking on the topic of missions. I went into this week thinking it was going to be less emotional than the last two, but I was wrong. Mark’s lessons were incredibly inspirational, even if they weren’t very engaging all of the time. He shared a lot of amazing DSC_1497stories about himself and others in missions work, as well as sharing a lot of startling statistics about the current state of missions. I think this was a good wake up call for us and I hope some of the students here can make a difference with this new knowledge, either back home or out in the field. He got us thinking and praying about our vision for our lives and equipped us with skills to use in the field. Just some basic skills, but it’s good to start simple. I’m personally feeling more passionate about missions work now, especially the unreached places of the world.

Outside of lecture, this last Tuesday we had our first 3C meeting. What that means is that we had a meeting with all of YWAM Vancouver, so just under 40 people were at the YWAM centre for a night of food, worship, and prayer. It was cool to meet some more of the faces that I’ve never seen before and hear what they do at YWAM. Afterwards there was a bit of a heartfelt moment as we said goodbye to our good friends, the Furlong family. I didn’t know them very long but I really got along with them and it was hard even for me to say goodbye, I can only imagine how hard it was for everyone else who knew them well.

On a brighter note, this weekend was awesome! Friday night the guys from DTS helped the Furlongs move out of their place and then Mark Baxter took all the students and staff out for pizza. Anybody DSC_1500who offers to buy me food is alright in my books! Then on Saturday some of us went out with Betty-Ann to the beautiful Shannon Falls for a rigorous 2 hour hike up a mountain. It was tough at a few places but completely worth it once we got to the top, and we got lucky since it was supposed to rain all day but only rained a bit at the top. It was just enough to make it slippery on the way down… After that we went and got some candy from the local dollar store and then watched a couple of Disney movies. That’s a pretty great Halloween party if you ask me. Then earlier today, Sunday, a few of us went and played some soccer in the pouring rain. It was so much fun watching everyone slide around on the grass and mud, we were soaking wet by the time we stopped playing but I would do it again in a heart beat.

This week during intercession we prayed for Syria and all the refugees, so I’d like to ask that everyone keep them in their prayers this week. Also, pray for protection and peace of mind for the students here. Have a good week everybody!

“When God works a change in us He can change others through us.”