When God Humbles The Proud – DTS Fall 2017/18 – Week 1

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When God Humbles The Proud

– Damaris Barrios

This week in Discipleship Training School, Joanna Pallister, taught us about recognizing the voice of God. There were a lot of moments in which it was obvious that God was speaking to us according to the way that he communicates with us. One has stood out among the rest.

On Monday, Joanna was trying to light a candle and kept having match after match not work. She mentioned that we were not aware of what had been going on with her in the last week and this battle she was fighting in lighting said candle. One of my classmates asked if she needed help, but Joanna refused.

On Wednesday, Joanna did not light the candle.

She asked us collectively to pray about lighting the candle. We started to pray about lighting the candle. To be honest I scoffed at a bit. But I decided to actually humble myself and pray. While we were praying, I felt as if I should read Psalm 27. One student read Proverbs 3:5-12. Another read Isaiah 39:8. Our leader said that she needed to tell Joanna to “ask for help.” All of a sudden, Joanna broke down into tears and told us about something personal in which she was afraid to ask for help. I’m also someone who doesn’t like to ask for help and tries to be strong. I can understand how humbling it was for Joanna to realize that she cannot do everything the way that God does.

After Joanna opened up to us, we all gathered around her to pray for her. It amazed me how we complemented each other as a team. We have been gathered, each with a gift and personality according to God’s image. One student brought the empathy, another brought the speech, our leader brought the discernment, and I brought the gentleness. When everything was said and done, two students offered to go with Joanna to a related appointment that she had to go to so that she would not be alone.

Asking for help can sometimes seem intimidating because we are stubborn, and ultimately prideful human beings. Even with that, God still loves us and cares for us and wants to give us good gifts.

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