I Get To… – DTS September 2017/18 – Week 3

DTS student holding a free prayer sign in the rain

I Get To…

– Damaris Barrios

There’s always a different perspective that one takes whenever you are dealing with certain life issues. This week during our DTS we joined together with Mission Adventures and my perspective on life and how I view it has changed from being focused on myself to becoming focused on others.

Mission Adventures is a week-long program for teens to help them understand and participate in urban missions. During this time, we shared a lunch with someone experiencing homelessness, we spent time with people in a care facility, had coffee and pie with veterans and seniors, and visited different temples to learn about their faith.

At the veteran’s home, we learned about the “I Get To Legacy Project”. The project is inspired by Ron Konkin who was diagnosed with terminal cancer. The doctors said he only had four months to live. But he defied expectations. His perspective changed as he lived past those first four months. Instead of saying “I have to…” he would say “I get to…” The I Get To Legacy Project uses that legacy to challenge us out of our mediocrity and provides part time work people in the veteran’s home. They get to make an income and contribute to the Community Building Programs at Whole Way House by making necklaces with the words “I Get To” stamped on them.

On the last day of Mission Adventures, we stood on the corner of Main St. and Hastings St. with a sign saying “Free Prayer”. We prayed out loud for anyone who stopped and asked us. It was raining and cold. Even though there were not many people that stopped for prayers, I was able to make a statement by holding a sign that said “Free Prayer.” While standing in the pouring rain I realized that:

I get to live my life for Jesus.

I get to stand in the cold and rain and pray for people.

I get to be a worker for the Kingdom of God.

I get to talk to others about Jesus and the Good News.

I get to be uncomfortable and still have joy because I’m doing it for God.

I get to wake up every day and enjoy life with purpose.

Being comfortable is no longer an option for me because I know that through the moments of awkwardness, I grow the most in my walk with Jesus. I no longer have to step out of my comfort zone for Jesus. I get to leave my comfort zone for Jesus.

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