God Of the Small Things

Thai child sitting in the water at the beach

God Of the Small Things

- Janelle Zacharias

The heat and humidity rolled over me like a wave when I stepped out of the airport into Bangkok, Thailand. I didn’t realize that the moment I exited the airplane, my neck would be sticky with sweat. I was not prepared.

I wasn’t prepared for any of it really. I’d never been to Asia before. Everything was different. I didn’t know that there weren’t any seatbelts in the taxi trucks. And I was so tall! I didn’t know that I would be a giant! This was just the beginning of the minor details that stood out to me.

These small things-- the way the Thais smiled, their generosity, their respectfulness in greeting one another... the way God gave them beautiful fruits, flowers, trees, mountains and oceans… the way God revealed Himself through dreams, visions and testimonies -- were minor details that had major impacts. They made me want to get to know God more, deeper, Him through all the little things that were sticking out to me.

I saw God in so many minute details during my time in Thailand. God is a big God, but that doesn’t limit Him from being found in the small things, the things we sometimes count as insignificant.

These details showed me how much God loved Thailand and its people. I was called to get to know God more through all the little things that were sticking out to me.

Sometimes I wonder if I would have fallen in love with God if I didn’t do a DTS. Maybe I wouldn’t have learned to search for him in the minor details of life. Maybe I would have always been waiting for a big explosion to catch my attention. Isn’t that one of the biggest joys of falling in love with God? The fact that we get to experience Him in all pieces of creation, no matter where we are in the world. I experienced Him here in Vancouver, Canada, and I experienced Him all the way over in Thailand. God is not limited!

Do you want to experience His love in the big moments but also the small details? Do you want to experience Him around the world?

Come and join us, experience the love and goodness of God no matter where you at in life.


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