Hearing From God

close up family photo of a DTS student

Hearing From God

- Taylin M

In the first few weeks of the Discipleship Training School, Tyrell was able to hear from God on a whole new level. It was really incredible to see what he received connect with what others were also hearing from God!

God spoke to Tyrell about his relationship with his family. God provided comfort in areas he needed it most. Tyrell is super close with his family and being here in Vancouver has caused some anxiety, but the Lord has been working fiercely in Tyrell becoming more independent. Being able to separate and grow outside of his family in the healthiest way is all because of Jesus.  

Another way God has been really working with Tyrell is helping him grow into more of a people person. Breaking out of his shell and being constantly surrounded by people is something new, but also so beautiful for others around him to watch happen. Living in a house with eleven people, he is constantly near someone. Having to do life with so many people around can get hard at times, but God is faithful.

God has been teaching Tyrell so much and it is so encouraging to see God's faithfullness to him!

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