Listening In the Chaos

Blindfolded student smiling and reaching for the camera

Listening In the Chaos

- Isabella F

Place yourself in a children's playground with a partner by your side. Now imagine being blindfolded, solely dependant on your partner to safely guide you through and around all the obstacles. On your blindfolded journey, you are constantly being shouted at, told that your partner is leading you into danger or the wrong way.  "Watch out you're going to fall! Don't listen to your partner, you're going to hit that pole." All the while, you're trying your absolute best to turn your ears towards your partner and the directions he is giving you. While on repeat, I'm trusting you, I'm trusting you, plays in your head.

Finally, a round of applause and cheers saying "You made it," surround you! A job well done! You listened and made it to the finish line. After the blindfold comes off, your partner goes on to explain the obstacles you completed during your time of depending on him. First, it was a ladder to a wobbly bridge, then stairs back to the ground, weaving through poles, climbing a 'rock wall' with a rope to assist you, and then finally sliding down a slide to the finish line. WOW! Looking back at the playground, it's amazing to think that you did all that blindfolded!

I can attest to that and say it is possible. I actually got the opportunity to do it as I was learning about hearing God's voice. This activity was an illustration of how hard it can be at times to hear God amidst the noise.

This helped me visualize (mentally mostly, since I couldn’t see) how well I paid attention or what I acted on. Am I the type to go right on ahead and figure it out myself after I got pointed in the right direction? Did I hesitate when I heard the other voices shouting at me? Trying to drown out the truth with lies, especially when they were voices I knew fairly well? It was hard in the beginning, adjusting my ears to recognize and listen solely to my partner's voice. At one point, I did hesitate when one of the other voices tried to sway me, but when I began to recognize that voice as a distractor, it became easier to dismiss.

This shows how the devil and his demons try to derail us in our Christian walk. He uses voices that are familiar to us in ways that don't seem harmful. We start to go off the main course or doubt if the voice that we're supposed to be following wants the absolute best for us. However, when we finally realize that those other voices are actually leading us to more harm than good, we can begin to recognize them when they come up next. God says in the Bible that the devil comes to steal, kill, and destroy. He doesn't want us to prosper in our listening skills with God. He wants our communication to be interrupted. We need to take time to recognize those negative voices in our lives and dismiss them, cast them out, and learn the voice of our True Guide.

There were times during the activity that I lost the voice of my partner, as his voice was drowned out by all the others, or as he moved farther ahead and I couldn't hear him, or I couldn't make out his instructions clearly. During these times, I found myself just waiting there, calling out for directions again.

In life, I often don't have the patience to wait on God for Him to speak to me the next step clearly and so I go on without Him, praying that it is His will. Instead, I need to be still and wait. Perhaps there is a reason for the quiet moments in hearing from God. In those times, He is growing my perseverance and dependence on Him, reminding me that He has control over my life.

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