Traveling back and forth between host country and home country, family issues, cultural issues, traumas experienced, amazing miracles experienced — all of these can leave us with a need to share. It is important to be ‘debriefed’ at significant times in our lives, but we often can’t find someone to do that with. The nation you are serving in might have member care personnel in place – be sure to ask your leaders as there are more and more YWAMers training in the area of member care. Do contact them for local help. If there is no one in your nation, or you are too far to be in contact with them, please feel free to contact us for ongoing dialogue. It is particularly a good idea to debrief with someone when returning to Canada. This can be done with one of our member care personnel here (contact us to arrange a meeting) or with an outside agency. Occasionally, deeper issues need to be resolved with a trained counselor.

There are numerous debriefing opportunities provided around the world which may be more convenient for your location – check out the “Global section” below. Also there are scheduled retreats offered specifically for international workers which can provide an excellent venue not only for refreshment and spiritual encouragement but also a place to “debrief” with like-minded workers – check out the “Retreat Centers” page.

Below are some links to different agencies for debriefing and/or counseling:


CARES (Counseling & Restoration Services) – located in Abbotsford, B.C., a not-for-profit counseling centre, serving the community by providing professional counseling at affordable rates. Types of care performed – missionary candidate psychological assessments/cross-cultural readiness/debrief of returning missionaries/counseling of missionaries.

Wellsprings Christian Counseling — Laurel Hildebrandt MTSC, Certified Clinical Counselor 32027 Peardonville Rd. Abbotsford, BC Tel: 1-604- 217-0558

Rick and Sarah Apperson – Discipleship/Lay counseling in the areas of burnout, pornography, marriage struggles and sexual abuse. Contact us here for more information.

Christian Counseling Ministries – Truro, Nova Scotia


Le Rucher East Coast USA is an association of individuals on the East Coast of the United States, who are certified debriefers in the Le Rucher model of missionary debriefing.  We provide debriefing and training in affiliation with Le Rucher Ministries near Geneva Switzerland –

Link Care:   Link Care has a highly-skilled, professional team of counselors who will help you navigate life's hurts. Through our biblically-based counseling center and our Restoration & Personal Growth Program and seminars. They are based in Fresno, California.

Mission Training International provide regular Debriefing and Renewal (DAR) week-long group sessions as well as other quality training and support:

Emmaus Encounter is located alongside YWAM Montana’s base in Lakeside, MT. They offer a personal one-week debriefing which is based on the Le Rucher principle.

Radiant Life Retreat is a 9 day debrief and wellness retreat designed for singles, couples and families, usually held in the USA. Their website is:

Global:  Le Rucher Ministries, based in Cessy, France provide comprehensive debriefing in the form of individual, family and group settings, team debriefs and crisis intervention.

Debriefing retreats offered in Europe and the USA by Barnabas Zentrum: