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World Christian Resources Directory: a wealth of information and resources.

Cross Cultural Workersa series of brochures / articles, and written a series of e-books including: "Coming Home": The Re-entry Transition, We're Going Home: Reentry for Elementary School Children (with a guide for parents), What Cross-Cultural Workers Ought to Know, one for parents titled Understanding Adolescence, and one for TCKs titled Third Culture Kids and Adolescence, Cultural Creations. Three recent additions to the e-book library include Cross Cultural Workers Marriage Issues, Cross Cultural Workers Singles Issues, and Before You Come "Home": Preparing for Reentry. 

Global ConnectionsGlobal Connections is a growing network of over 300 UK churches and agencies with a passion for mission. Our members include organisations of all sizes working in countries all over the world. Drawing on this wealth of experience, together we seek to address the key challenges in mission today. 

Barnabas International is committed to providing encouragement to God’s global servants through…

  • Going: We travel to the fields of service to provide an “on sight” ministry of presence.
  • Listening: We ask questions, taking time to listen to the servant’s story.
  • Speaking: We minister the Word of God through preaching and teaching as pastoral care providers.
  • Giving: We believe that encouragement is fundamentally a gift of grace.
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International Member Care Resources – If you’re involved or interested in missionary or Christian work overseas, OSCAR, the UK information service for world mission, is your gateway to useful UK related information, advice and resources. – “Single Vision” is a Member Care renewal retreat that focuses on ministering to the multi-national missions community to enhance spiritual growth, cross-cultural integration skills, emotional health, physical exercise and personal connection with others. – Dr. Ron Koteskey is a Member Care Consultant for GO InterNational. Ron and his wife, Bonnie have developed a series of brochures, a database, and eight e-books: four on re-entry, one titled What Missionaries Ought to Know (freshly revised and combining the series of brochures of the same name), one on TCKs, one on adolescence, and one on marriage issues. Follow this link for more information on the e-books. – Utilizing media resources to encourage and enhance expatriate Christian workers, to better enable them to fulfill the Great Commission – this online “radio station” has daily recordings and archives on subjects ranging from emotional health to TCK and culture shock! – Thriving in Difficult Places: Member Care for Yourself and Others – Brenda Bosch

Practical tools (3 handbooks available in print form or as ebooks, with corresponding teaching tools and Powerpoints) to help missionaries look after themselves and to help others understand the needs of missionaries. A comprehensive resource covering every aspect of missionary life, such as Self-Care, Raising Support, Remaining Spiritually Sharp, TCKs and Family Life, Singleness, Stress, Burnout, Transition, Culture Shock, Re-entry, Grief and Loss, Conflict Management, Debriefing, Field Visits and much more!

Special Resources

Global Vault – C&MA - Great site for Member Care resources for missionaries

YWAM Knowledge Base – Pastoral Care – YWAM Knowledgebase houses articles and resources.

Link Care Center is more than just an address in Fresno, California! We are a group of people made up of Staff, Board, and supporters who are concerned about helping those who come for care and training achieve effectiveness in their living, witnessing, and working. We come from counseling, pastoral, administrative, and business professions, as well as over 10 historic, evangelically based denominational affiliations.

Heartstream Resources was formed in 1992 by a group of professionals who have worked in the care of cross-cultural workers for about three decades. They are multi-disciplinary, including medicine, psychology, pastoral care, personnel, candidate selection and training, administration and leadership training. They teach at the graduate level in leadership and cross-cultural training.

Mission Training International (MTI) MTI’s passion is to see cross-cultural messengers of God’s grace and their families experience effectiveness, longevity and a deep sense of satisfaction in their calling. For this reason, MTI provides character development training and debriefing on the issues that are very practical and highly relevant to thriving in missions. MTI believes that in order for training to be effective and long-lasting that it must be memorable, address character development and include the whole family. For this reason our program philosophy is uniquely community enhanced, family-friendly and strongly experiential – focusing on the heart issues that make or break those in missions.

Barnabas Zentrum is especially designed to strengthen the lives of Christian workers who are serving in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. While not being a facility to treat mental illness per se, the facility serves as an interdenominational personal and marital retreat center for pastors, missionaries and others in church and Para church staff positions. Without the confining elements of the clinical setting, the relaxed atmosphere of Barnabas Zentrum provides a place of solitude and confidentiality in which such issues as marital crisis, stress, burnout, staff/team relations, and interpersonal or vocational conflicts may be worked through. Therefore, the Barnabas program functions as a preventative for chronic problems whose occurrence would require long-term treatment. Barnabas Zentrum is strongly committed to the importance of maintaining the strength and stability of Christian workers and their families in order that they may more effectively minister to others

Online Articles

Barnabas International link to online member care resources: Links to websites and downloadable articles/books

Missionary Care – has developed a series of brochures, a database, and eight e-books: four on re-entry, one titled What Missionaries Ought to Know (freshly revised and combining the series of brochures of the same name), one on TCKs, one on adolescence, and one on marriage issues. Follow this link for more information on the e-books.

Websites that have blogs that are encouraging to missionaries:


“Doing Member Care Well: Perspectives and Practises from around the World” by Kelly O’Donnell, William Carey Library.

“Missionary Care: Counting the Cost for World Evangelisation” by Kelly O’Donnell, William Carey Library.

“Too Valuable to Lose – Exploring the Causes and Cures of Missionary Attrition” – by William D. Taylor, World Evangelical Fellowship.

“Enhancing Missionary Vitality” – by John R. Powell and Joyce M. Bowers

“Pastoral Manual” – by Barry Austin – YWAM Leadership Development Course – a great downloadable manual.

“Building Strong Workplaces” – by Barry Austin – YWAM Leadership Development Course – a great downloadable resource.

“Resources for Small Groups & Team Building” – by Barry Austin & Stephe Mayer – YWAM Leadership Development Course – link to the booklet.

“Honourably Wounded – Stress Among Christian Workers” – by Marjory F. Foyle

“The Reentry Team – Caring for Your Returning Missionaries” – by Neal Pirolo

“On Being a Missionary” by Thomas Hale, Jnr., William Carey Library. A great member care book from the perspective of the missionary themselves rather than the member care person.

“Leadership Coaching” by Tony Stoltzfus , Booksurge Llc.

“Strategic Pastoral Counselling” by David Benner, Baker Academic.

“Families in Ministry – How To Thrive, Not Just Survive” – by Andreas and Angela Fresz, YWAM Publishing. Available through

“Global Member Care: The Pearls and Perils of Good Practice” by Kelly O’Donnell is now available. This book is Volume One of the new Global Member Care series. You can order it directly from the publisher for substantial savings: William Carey Library. For more information about the book, including endorsements, summary, and contents, visit the special web site for the Global Member Care series at: MCA Global

Serving As Senders Today – How to Care for your Missionaries – Neal Pirolo --  (same website as The Re-Entry Team by the same author)

Mind the Gaps: Engaging the Church in Missionary Care – David J. Wilson -- (also available on various websites)

Healthy, Resilient and Effective in Cross-Cultural Ministry – Laura Mae Gardner --

For those interested or involved in Member Care

Member Care Associates Global Portal for Good Practice

Link Care Facebook page

InTransit is an institution for psychological help and services to expatriates and their sending agencies. InTransit, which was founded in 1995 as ITMP, combines psychological and crosscultural experience and knowledge. Specialised psychologists integrate their own foreign experiences in their work. Expatriates are guided and supported in their transition process and adjustment to a new culture.

Le Rucher Ministries are actively seeking to integrate member care, community development and ethnic reconciliation for mutual support and greater effectiveness. Le Rucher Ministries are committed to developing and providing resources on behalf of personnel in frontier/community development settings. We focus on those living and working with the least evangelized, highly traumatized, least developed, and/or complex humanitarian emergencies. As part of the discipleship process, we are committed to developing competencies and character in people to enable them to respond to suffering and poverty and to lift human dignity in their communities. Le Rucher Ministries is a community of colleagues where the presence and peace of Jesus is practiced and experienced. We endeavor to be a visible and viable ministry that can offer a broad range of resources to the mission community.