Business With A Mission (BWAM)

All over the world, and in every walk of life, people are affected by business.

The job we do, the people we meet, and our quality of life are all influenced by it. It's a part of life that impact nations, people groups, and societies in many different ways.

God commissioned His people to go into all the world and bring His Kingdom. Using business is one way of bringing transformation to nations, especially to the poor and needy.

There are still many parts of the world that have not heard the Gospel, and will not hear unless someone goes and tells them.

Many Christian business people feel called to use their business skills and talents to serve God, and wonder how they may be used to bring transformation to the neediest parts of the world.

Business With A Mission (BWAM) provides a pathway where business people can use their skills and experience to mentor, coach, and encourage others. We also help launch Christian business people in their own countries, by training and equipping them to start companies around the globe.

The world is now open to business, with business people welcome in nearly every country. BWAM uses this as an opportunity and a platform to bring the kingdom of God to unreached people groups through profitable businesses.

What Does This Look Like In Vancouver?

Christian Leadership Concepts (CLC)
This is a two year discipleship program that covers many of the same topics as a Discipleship Training School (DTS), with a few additions: family, business by the book, and money and possessions. It is targeted for men who have had a number of years in the marketplace, and is designed to help men see their role as believers in the marketplace, and the potential impact that they can have. Each group consists of twelve men, with the vision to have over 1000 men take this course by 2025.

Relationship Building
This is a more informal way of reaching out to the business world, but is very impactful. It involves meeting with groups of business people twice a month, to walk through their various concerns, and pray with them. It is also being intentional in the community. Many of us here at YWAM Vancouver have built meaningful relationships by visiting the same coffee shops or shopping at the same butchers, grocers, cheese shops, etc, for years. It is incredible to to see how over time they begin to ask questions about our lives, and open up to you about theirs. In a city known for being lonely, simply noticing people and caring about them, even if they are "just" the barista at your favourite coffee shop, speaks volumes.

Our Vision For The Future

• To see at least 1000 business men go through CLC •
• To launch the women's version, BLC (Becoming Like Christ) •
• Partner Vancouver businessmen with projects here in the city, and worldwide •
• To help raise up those that will initiate BWAM projects in other nations •