Communicating God's Heart To Every Child


Quality, low cost (or no cost) resources reaching the hands of children and families, childcare workers, and teachers.
Resources which speak of the intrinsic worth of every child and person regardless of ability, disability, poverty, riches, ethnicity, language, or circumstance!

A sustainable resource that promotes restoration and healing of the child, emotionally and spiritually, that can be readily translated and contextualized for other language and ethnic groups as requested.

The "Keys to Joy Publishing, MONGOLIA" project has printed at least eight books towards the goal of getting quality, low cost resources that promote healing and restoration into the hands of children who previously didn't have them available in their language.

HOWEVER, Mongolian children are not alone in their need for these resources. Many children living in Mainland China, and Chinese immigrant families in the Greater Vancouver Area, need these books too. Displaced children and families in other local minority groups also need an avenue through which to process and express their feelings, and resources for them may not exist at all at this time.

BECAUSE OF THIS, the new Pilot Project, "Keys to Joy Publishing, CANADA", seeks to provide three brand new resources to three small targeted charities in Mainland China, and to Mandarin speakers in Greater Vancouver. These small books will also be offered to other immigrant groups to consider for translation and use.


Gillian Parker has a passion to see children and families restored emotionally and spiritually, through her work as a Speech Language Therapist and Special Education Trainer. Since 2015, Gillian has published four new books for Mongolian children toward this end - the restoration and healing of the child!

Gillian has worked in England, Canada, and (since 2006) Mongolia. She has a vision to see more books and resources produced for countries and minority groups where this life-affirming resource has previously been unavailable.


Our Needs

Would you kindly consider praying for the following?

- A vehicle to publish and print these three new resources in Canada

- Marketing and distribution of the resources

- Financial gifts for publishing and printing

Survey and feedback will determine how to proceed beyond this initial six-month pilot project.

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