We are marriage coaches who are called to equip Kingdom couples to bring genuine transformation to their families and every sphere of society.

Using biblical tools, we help couples prioritize and nurture their relationship so that they can lead together more effectively.


We impact missionary marriages through three different types of workshops:

Level One: Impacting 75 couples each year through workshops and seminars on marriage and family and relationships.

Level Two: More intentionally discipling 12 couples each year through online marriage coach training that will equip them to coach other couples.

Level Three: Conducting onsite internships here in Langley for 4-5 leadership couples who want to reproduce what we do.


These workshops are designed for Christian couples who want to have ministry flow out of their marriage, and be more effective in leading together.

We will especially work with:
- Those who are leading or launching initiatives to strengthen marriages
- Those who are reaching the unreached or sending out national missionaries
- Those who are discipling a sphere of society
- Those who have little access to marriage resources.

Couples we coach and train must have:
- A deep desire for partnership with one another
- Transparency, vulnerability, and a growing self-awareness
- A value of listening and asking questions over telling and advice giving

What We Believe

1. Marriage and family is the seedbed for success in all sectors of society and in building God's Kingdom.

2. Multiplying ourselves into Christian couples and families will enable them to stay on the field longer and be more successful.

3. Mentoring marriages on-site will provide the accountability and application that integrates content into families, communities, and nations.

4. Flexible programs are needed to fit the needs and schedule of each marriage.

5. Programs will challenge couples to mentor other couples.

6. A strong marriage is the most important factor in missionary effectiveness - more important than training programs, money, language acquisition, and cultural adaptation.

7. Marriage coaching, with its core disciplines of listening, asking questions, and setting personal growth goals, is the best way to disciple and increase the effectiveness of Kingdom couples.

What To Expect

You can expect each workshop to prioritize:

- Passionate worship that emphasizes the glory of God and prepares hearts to be receptive
- Transparent leadership that shares the joys and struggles of marriage
- Teaching sessions mixed with couple interactions and practical learning exercises
- Imparting skills to equip couples to mentor other couples
- Identifying and breaking negative communication problems within marriage
- Setting growth goals for deepened partnership between husband and wife
- Identifying and dealing with wounds from the past
- Understanding and embracing the unique design of each individual as well as the marriage
- Biblical basis for roles and responsibilities
- Follow-up coaching to build accountability for achieving goals

Some of the topics include:

- Expressing desires
- Identifying your conflict cycle
- Moving from conflict to connection
- Trust: How to create safety
- Listening and asking questions
- Seasons of a marriage
- Your family narrative and how it's shaped you
- Healthy sexuality
- Developing a vision for partnership
- Expressing apology and appreciation
- Personality type

David and Nancy Harper

Nancy and Dave started out as church planters on the island of St Lucia, and then spent 29 years with Youth With A Mission (YWAM), mentoring and training leaders. They have also served on staff with a local church in the Toronto area for three years, overseeing global and local outreach, and mentoring married couples.

After recently relocating from South Africa to Vancouver, Dave and Nancy are now prioritizing their new ministry to marriages called "Together". Much of their time is committed to helping couples understand how to experience spiritual transformation within the context of their marriage. They believe that God's intention is for marriage to be a place of spiritual transformation, and that ministry flows out of a healthy marriage.

Along with hiking and hanging out with their children and grandchildren, David and Nancy are most fulfilled when discipling, mentoring, and coaching others, helping them to discover their unique identity and destiny.

As professional Life Coaches, they have spend hundreds of hours honing their skills of listening and asking questions, and this is one of the primary tools they teach husbands and wives to use with each other.

Education Vitae:

David: Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Religious Education

Nancy: Masters in Spiritual Formation


Looking for more information? Wanting to get connected? Contact us!

Cell Phone:

Nancy: (604)-818-2283
Dave: (604)-818-6813

Mailing Address:

4609 Saddlehorn Cres
Langley, BC
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