Miracles Don’t Change Hearts – SBS 2017/18 – Week 2

SBS student studying late at night

– Emily Day Being an SBS student is one thing. Inductively studying the entire Bible in nine months is a challenge, to be sure. But staffing one… well that is just an entirely different game. As one of my staff said, “SBS as a student is intense. SBS as a staff is stressful.” She went on to talk about how … Read More

Serving the Forgotten – DTS September 2017/18 – Week 2

Apartment building in Vancouver

– Damaris Barrios This week in DTS, we learned about missions and God’s heart for reaching all the nations. It was a very interesting topic to learn about, mostly because I do have a heart for missions and just thinking about how to best express that passion is something that I struggle with. Mark Baxter taught us about people who … Read More