English and Cultural Orientation

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If you truly want to immerse yourself in the English language, then this is the course for you! The ECO English and Culture Orientation (ECO) is a twelve-week course designed to improve your English skills and acquaint you with other cultures in an environment focused on Christian missions and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Our goal is to equip non-English speaking missionaries to go into the entire world with the ability to communicate in English and to live in another culture.

We provide English classes at different levels: Beginners - Elementary, Pre-Intermediate -
Intermediate. You will start using your English right from day one in appropriate ministries – it will
speed up your learning and increase your confidence.

Our teaching goes beyond the classroom: You will participate in YWAM meetings, join a local
church, go on field trips and community outreaches.

In the ECO you will also learn about different cultures, their foods and customs. You will learn how
to cope with culture shock. You will also learn about other peoples' religions and culture and how to
be an effective witness of the gospel to people of other faiths.

Basic Information

School Dates

July 4 - September 19, 2019


 Lecture Fees:
$3300 CAD (approx. $2500 USD)

Textbook, Grammar Book, and Bible:
$110 CAD(approx. $82 USD)

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