Change Of Perspective – DTS September 2017/18 – Week 4

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Change Of Perspective

– Damaris Barrios

How do you see God? Is He a cosmic vending machine who will give you anything you want? Is He a dictator who will take away all your fun? Is He good and gentle, but kind of distant? What do you actually believe about God? Who do you really think He is?

This week we learned about the nature and character of God. I learned that our circumstances shape how we look at God. We base our view of God on what we are struggling with. We don’t see Him as He really is.

I was challenged this week in my understanding of God’s sovereignty. Sovereign means supreme power or authority, or possessing supreme or ultimate power. Even though we feel like everything around us is falling apart, God is sovereign. He has ultimate control over it. He can see the bigger picture when we cannot. Even though it is hard to understand, when we have a certainty of who God is, we won’t be swayed by our perspective of who God is by our circumstances. We should, instead, be viewing our circumstances through the eyes of God.

I have had a skewed view of God because of dealing with my family. One of the last interactions with them was not a happy one. It makes me feel very vulnerable. Because of my family situation, I used to view God as an unloving God, as someone that didn’t really care about my family matters. It wasn’t until I grew in my faith and learned more about who the Bible says God is that I started to view my circumstances through the eyes of God. He doesn’t want me to deal with heartbreak and rejection from my family, but He is sovereign. Being able to understand that is so incredible.

God has used the bad parts of my family circumstances for His glory. All of that hurt is finally beginning to unravel during this DTS. I know that God wants the best for me. After all, He is the giver of good gifts.

The thing is we can only see a glimpse of who God is. We don’t know all of who God is and that‘s both awesome and terrifying at the same time. The character of God isn’t only about love. There’s so much more! He’s a God of faithfulness. He’s a God of mercy. And He’s a God of justice as well. He cares for our hearts, just as much as he cares for those that hurt us. We get caught up in the trends that surround us and because we don’t have a firm foundation on who God is, we don’t see Him as He really is.

Even if my vision of Him is still skewed, and it probably is, I know that He is sovereign and that I can trust Him.

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