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- Janelle Zacharias

Imagine you are rock climbing. But with only a rope. You don’t have a harness or straps. There’s no anchors. You just have a rope and your hands. You’re already terrified of heights, but you’re hundreds of feet above the ground, and almost near the top. The finish line is just within arms’ reach. It’s something you’ve worked hard for. You put all your energy, strength, blood, sweat and tears into reaching the top. You’ve fought for it. You are almost there. You feel the promise of accomplishment and success. You’re going to be a conqueror!

And God tells you to let go.

Why would God ask this? What a stupid request. Why would you just let go after you put so much effort into reaching this goal? Why would you let go of the only safety line you have? If you just let go you would fall. You can’t imagine a good outcome. You won't survive. Not only that, you will have given up. You’ll be a failure. All this work will have been for nothing. Why would you ever obey this crazy request? You can obviously come up with a better idea, just keep climbing.

It’s heart wrenching. It’s an unexplainable, terrifying command. But it’s what God asks of you. So what is your decision? Keep climbing? Or let go?

You choose to obey.

You remove both your hands off your only lifeline, close your eyes and fall wildly into the love of God.

Imagine letting go of what you think you need, what you think you want. Imagine obeying God with such wild obedience that it fills you with joy that you can’t help but keep serving Him even when it doesn’t make sense. Giving up might hurt, but you know it’s worth it because you’ve done it before. You know that you can trust Him.

How wild and freeing! What an adventure it is to obey our King and Lord!

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