Worth Fighting For – DTS September 2017/18 – Week 7

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Worth Fighting For

- Damaris Barrios

Vulnerability is often something that we have a tendency to avoid. Our society tells us that we have to be strong. Don't show any weakness. But does being vulnerable really equal to weak?

God brought a lot of healing into our lives this week as we learned about the Father Heart of God. This past week the Lord has been showing each of us about vulnerability and it's been so stretching. It is quite challenging to be vulnerable and have to expose past wounds that have not healed. We don’t realize how deeply hurt we are by people and how we view God because of how our relationship is with our parents in particular.

God is our Heavenly Father. He has adopted us into His family. Knowing that we are hand-picked by God Himself is so amazing!

One of the things that has affected my view in particular of God is the relationship I had with my earthly father. On the last day of lecture the speaker asked me if I trusted that God will never abandon me and I truthfully replied with a “no.”


I never thought about it before, that I never truly trusted that God will not abandon me. I also never realized that I had an extremely skewed portrayal of God because of my earthly father. I really never thought that I was worth fighting for or standing up for. Because of the things that happened in my past, I inadvertently viewed God in that way. I thought He didn’t love me enough to stand up and fight for me.

God is so much bigger than I can and will ever imagine. He specifically chose me to be a part of His family is mind-blowing. After Thursday, I left the classroom knowing that I was loved and that I was worth fighting for. That there was a man that fought for me two thousand years ago in order to have me back to Himself.

Being vulnerable doesn’t equate to weakness. It is a quiet strength that comes through Christ.

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