Written In the Stars

Nepali flags against a starry night

Written In the Stars

- Janelle Zacharias

The outreach portion of my Discipleship Training School fell over New Years. We were in Thailand. And as I was considering what this new year had for me, thinking about what comes next, I was overwhelmed. My fears crushed my chest, my heart couldn’t stop pounding. Would this year be different? Would I continue to be stuck in the same patterns and situations? Would the same hardships carry on through every passing year? I needed help. I couldn’t do this alone. I needed peace. I needed hope.

I needed a Saviour.

I wasn’t used to turning to God for everything. I wasn’t used to this concept of being in communication with Him or even telling Him about my emotions. But through DTS, I was slowly learning.

So I left my friends who were waiting up for midnight to celebrate. I walked out into the nearby field, the sounds of my friends laughter died down and the sounds of the night rose up around me. I wrapped my sweatshirt closer around me to protect against the chill. “God, I’m worried about this next coming year. I need You by my side through it all,” I took a deep breath and waited for a response.

And oh so gently I heard Him whisper into my thoughts, “Look up at the stars.”

I looked up and saw the vast sky dotted with hundreds of thousands of shining stars. I stood in awe of God, silenced by His beauty, silenced by the magnificent creation looming over me. How could I ever compete with that? How could I ever fully understand how intricate the universe is? I was nothing compared to the stars, to the heavens above me. I felt small.

But that wasn’t what God wanted to teach me. After a pause, He whispered to my heart what I so desperately needed to hear, “I am here. I have you. I have not forgotten you. Your dreams and desires, hopes and pursuits are all written in these stars. The promises I have given you are written in the stars. Your story is written in the stars. Everything that you are is more beautiful than a billion stars.”

That is what my God wanted to tell me.

Every time I look up at the stars, I am reminded that God is on my side. No matter what comes my way, I am going to be just fine. I am reassured that all my dreams are written in the stars so that means I can dream big and not be afraid. I can tackle every obstacle in my path knowing God was right beside me.

In the quiet field in Thailand, I had never felt more ready to enter a new year. I felt peace.

Happy New Year.

As the school year dawns for many of you this month and next, dare to dream. Dare to go further with God than you ever thought possible. Keep moving forward, through every obstacle, never backing down. Take big risks. God is with you.

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