Group Day Outreaches

Whether you are a local church, small business, or with a group of people visiting Vancouver, if you are looking to get involved, but only have one day, this may be a great fit for you!

Our heart is to give an opportunity for groups, who can give a day, to get involved in reaching out with the love of Jesus in Vancouver.

We offer three ways to get involved:


Urban Plunge

This is an opportunity for your group to interact with two different areas of Vancouver: the Downtown Eastside and the Granville/Robson area. The point is to expose you to these two starkly different areas of Vancouver in the hopes that you see God’s heart for each of them. You will get to share lunch with a homeless friend that you meet, as well as compare the different areas of Vancouver to see how both are in need of Jesus.

Pray the City

This is an opportunity for you and your group to pray for Vancouver as well as offer to pray for people in Vancouver. This outreach involves a Prayer Walk and Prayer Stations. The Prayer Walk focuses on praying for different influential areas in our society. For example, praying at the Law Courts downtown for the area of Government. Prayer Stations involves holding a sign that says “Free Prayer” and offering to pray for people.

Temple Tour

This is an opportunity for you to learn about other major world religions. We arrange for you to visit a Muslim Mosque, a Sikh Gurdwara, and a Buddhist Temple. A YWAM volunteer will go with you to each of these locations. At the Mosque and Gurdwara we will arrange for a guide to explain their belief system to you and answer any questions you have. Our heart is that by educating ourselves about other world religions we will be in a better position to engage people of other faiths in meaningful dialogue about our own faith in Jesus.


The Basics

The typical length of a day outreach is 9am - 4:30pm.

You and your group will have to pack bag lunches for this day.

We will arrange a time and place to meet you and your group. We will have a YWAM volunteer give you a full briefing and debriefing including information sheets (depending on the outreach), safety information, and information on the location for these outreaches.

We plan the schedule for you and take care of all the details. All you have to worry about is coming with your group, participating, and having your own transportation.


Urban Plunge and Pray The City:

$15 CAD/per person
(approx. $11 USD)

Temple Tour:

$20 CAD/per person
(approx. $15 USD)


Add an ethnic dinner out to the end of your outreach day arranged by YWAM and with a YWAM volunteer: An additional $15 CAD/per person. (approx. $11 USD)

Interested in this opportunity? Have questions? Want more info?

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